#11 batch Strength,in numbers.
Total Defence Silver Badge
The latest due date will be on this Wednesday , 9 Feb 2011 , please submit to Tyrus Sir , if you want to find him for submitting your project to GAIN your badge , he is in Staff room 2 , in case you dunno where is it , it is near the Malay corner :) dun be missing ~  haahaaa xD

and one point to note that , people , you are NPCC cadets , please dun be lazy to update this blog , kay ?
try your best to inform people to update  this precious blog  , kay ?

Add people in.
Hi, I have edited it to 39 people in a squad for 11th batch (accurate number is 39, not 36). Please help to look out for those who have quited etc and place it in, cus we are one no matter what. As we come in together, for the first very training, we are one. So, please ensure that their name is inside, if they quited etc, kindly put a sign that they quit. Thanks!

Master Parade
Tomorrow will be our first master parade , so Jia you !

Full - U and PT kit ! 1.5 l , is important !

Hey everyone , Qianqi and elisa here ;)

This week we'll be having our first saturday training with our dear sec ones . Please come , drag all your friends along , we're 11th batch , strength in numbers , less one , lesser strength , so do come ! Yeah , cause we as 11 batch need to help our squadmates . Like maam said, we have to remind each other bout the do's and dont's . One for all , all for one . Get ready your tip-toe uniform so that you can show off to the sec1s . Ahaha , kay. just kidding . Andand REMEMBER NOT TO DRAG YOUR FEET . Seeya this saturday ! Update update update ! xD

Random post here by Ruey Teng . Cool hor ? Today dun have Npcc , haha XD

just a random post , make suring that NPCC blog dun died =)

Uniform Etiquette
Hello 11th Batch! A pleasure to see that you have an awesome blog!
Keep it up on the work! It's a relieve that there won't be any trainings during this term yea? I hope all of you study and work hard for your End-of-year Examinations and pass beautifully!

Well, I'm here just to update you on the basic Etiquette Uniform Etiquette in case some of you missed the lesson the other day.

Firstly, here's a picture for you to see and understand, (can't see? click on it!)

Hope the above picture give you a rough idea of where to place your name tag and formation sign ^^


Beret (headdress)
Season properly (3 seam line seen clearly)
Extra hair on the beret must be pluck off
Tail of beret must be secure inside (must not be seen on the outside)

Full Uniform (Male)

Collar of shirt to stand up
Sleeve line ironed from the back of the shoulder lapels
Ranks are to be ironed
Buttons are placed in correct direction
Name tag is pinned on top of the right shirt pocket
Badges are to be polished

Polished and free of fingerprints
Belt loops about two fingers away from end of belt

Should be long enough and not gather at the boots
Iron lines at the
front should start at the first and last belt loops of Trousers
Iron line at the
back should merge at the 3rd and 4th belt loops of the
trousers and just below the belt (forming a inverted ā€˜Vā€™ shape)
Trousers should be altered till there is no gather at the bottom and
should not cover more than half of the boots

Black socks are to be worn and pull higher above the boots

Polished and clean (whole boots)
(do remember to season your boots as well)

Full Uniform (Female)

Collar of shirt to be flat
Sleeve line ironed from the centre of the shoulder lapel
Ranks are to be ironed
Buttons are placed in correct direction
Name tag is pinned at the middle of the right portion of the blouse,
in-line with the first button
Badges are to be polished
Singlet are encourage to be worn

Belt loops about two fingers away from end of belt
Belt should be free of fingerprints

Skirt should be 6 cm or 3 fingers above the back of the knee
There should be an open split at the back of the skirt
Skirt should not be too tight or too short such that it restrict
Zip of the skirt should be in-line with the seam line of the blouse

Black socks are to be worn
Socks should be too loose
Height of socks should be the same

Polished and clean
Laced ties in a horizontal manner and not crossed

Hair nets are to be worn for hair of all lengths at all times

  • When wearing the Full Uniform, all cadets are expected to be in their best behaviour.
  • Sitting down on the floor with Full Uniform is not encouraged unless been given the permission my an Officer
  • Uniform should always be ironed before a parade
  • Posture must be present as long as a cadet is in the Full Uniform
  • NEVER ever placed your Full Uniform and beret on the floor as it is a sign of disrespect.

Half Uniform

All the requirements for the half uniform are the same as the full uniform except that the Unit T-shirt is to be worn rather than the Uniform (Shirt).


  • Beret

  • Unit T-shirt

  • Uniform pants/skirt

  • Belt

  • long Black socks

  • Boots


  • Unit T-shirt
  • Uniform pants/skirt
  • Belt
  • Long Black socks
  • School shoes

PT Kit

Unit T-shirt
  • Shorts/track pants
  • white socks(no ankle socks)
  • School shoes


hey .. people .. is the blog dead .. ?! OMG ! cannot be !
Yeah ! It happy that next whole term we dun have NPCC .. cool . haha ..
sorry .. I know many ppl may not agree with me that no NPCC till next year is Fun ..
but .. haix .. I dunno what to say .. sorry uh ..
Let this blog alive .. please .. if you all dunno the password or email .. or both dunno ..
contact Qian Qi . thanks . Please ! Keep this blog ALIVE !
hahahaha ...
hmm.. nothing to say actually .. Just keep this blog alive Alive aLive alIve aliVe alivE and ALIVE !!
thank you . haha ..
-Ruey Teng

Heyy peeps (:
Elisa here . Woahh .. Lance coporal test today was ok laaa . Not too touqh , not too easy . Yeaaah . I know its damn tirinq . But it was fun . Lyke seriously , i know we all were nervous . But i think we really had done our best aye ? Soo , be confident that youh all can pass ((; Well , i also dun think so i will pass but i did put out my very best althouqh i was kinda sick . I almost wanted to fall out as i was super2 dizzy , but i endure throuqhout . And i hope youh all will do the same thinq (;
Was fun as zihaan maam qave out our belonqinqs and teased us bout who we lyke . I think in that way we can bond better ryte ? Hahaaaa ! Anyways , goodluck quys ! HOPE YOUH ALL PASS ! (:

Those who want to change any part of their
NPCC uniform , please go look for Izzat IC
tomorrow. Latest by tmr.. anyone see this message
please spread to other cadets. Thank You
Izzat IC class is in 3 Aspire.
Block C , 3 rd floor. First classroom facing the Library Way.
Thank You.
-Ruey Teng

Uhm ruey teng sorry but i change the skin.
Cause i really dont like the previous one,
It was damn girl.
So sorry yea.
Before you change any skin,
Tis is a batch blog so choose a skin tht is not so girl de.
Choose average de,preferably plain ones.
Sorry uh.
Lance corporal coming up soon.
Jiayous everyone.
Rmbr we promise maam tht 95% passes ah!

We'll make it
We're as one,not individuals.
Strength in numbers (:

#01 Addy
#02 Afiq
#03 Ain
#04 Ali
#05 Darren
#06 Elisa
#07 Jia Le
#08 Jia Yu
#09 Jing Han
#10 Jing Jie
#11 Jing Yan
#12 Joey
#13 Jun Yuan
#14 Kae Chuan
#15 Kareem
#16 Kelvin
#17 Letitia
#18 Marcus
#19 Mckell
#20 Meagan
#21 Melvin
#22 Qian Qi
#23 Raihanna
#24 Ridwuan
#25 Ruey Teng
#26 Sean
#27 Shu Wei
#28 Shun Hui
#29 Tarif
#30 Vincent
#31 Wei Kian
#32 Wei Ting
#33 Yang Xiong
#34 Yu Han
#35 Yu Xian
#36 Yu Zhe
#37 ??
#38 ??
#39 ??
-See how big we are.
That's strength in numbers
We're gonna rock your socks
We aim to be the best
Best among the rest

Together as one.
#11 batch-Strength in numbers~!
We are as one.
One being a whole united squad,
not meaning as an individal.
We aim to be the best
And when we say best
It's the best among the rest
Thirty-nine different people
Coming as one
Doing everything as one
Unite as one
that's us

We want!
Lance Corporal


Qian Qi
Ruey Teng